Cause-effect maps

Cause and effect maps help students to understand information that is combined to solve a problem.  Factors associated with a problem can be organized and understood as they interact in a cause and effect relationship.  This software supports cycles of investigation that give order to what students know; the knowledge is organized in a map.

SEEING REASON, a program developed by Intel and distributed for free, is designed to create cause and effect maps. SEEING REASON generates a work area in the Internet browser that can be utilized by the student for investigating and understanding complex systems.  It is not necessary to download any software or install anything in the computer.  In the area “Teacher Workspace” the instructor registers, creates a folder for each project and creates one or more groups of students to whom he assigns a key.  Each group registers in the “Student Login” area and gives the names of the project and the group.  A white work area appears where the groups can create project components such as cause and effect relationships that exist.