This document reflects the results of exploration and testing of ICTE as well as dialogs with many of my colleagues and friends with whom I have shared some, and in many cases, many of the ICTE outlined. 

Special mention should be given to my wife, Maria Teresa Rojas de Galvis, whose continuously loving support made possible the use of valuable family time. Diego Ernesto Leal Fonseca and Cristina Salazar Perdomo from Metacursos helped tremendously with the first draft. Diego and I discussed ICTE and explored various technologies; Cristina gave me feedback on the different sections of this writing.  In the first version, done for the Colombian Ministry of Education—MoE—with basic education teachers in mind, dialog was very important with the Information Technologies group from the MoE; comments and suggestions from Claudia María Zea Restrepo and Fernando Díaz del Castillo were very enriching.  In the second version, with K-20 educators in mind, comments by Martha Isabel Tobón Lindo, from the Technology University of Pereira, and by Mauricio Duque from University of Los Andes in Bogotá, were very instrumental. 

Sponsored by WSSU, Michael Brookshaw translated the second Spanish version into English. After I completed this revised English version, Shira Hedgepeth, Joanne Chesley, and Ian Toppin from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Winston-Salem State University helped to review and polish my work. Shira designed the cover, Ian commented on the draft, Joanne proofread and copy edited the document.

Feedback received from Nancy White, a colleague in the art of building online communities and leader of Full Circle Associates, was very useful. She highlighted elements that I should expand and proposed adjustments that are included in the final version. 

To all mentioned here I express my gratitude for making this document available to many educators. 


Alvaro H. Galvis, Ed.D.