Educational portals

The ICTE within type A,  also include corporate portals that address the discipline of education.  They are websites that support different educational sectors by providing access to relevant information and tools to each group served.  Instructors can find valuable educational resources to develop their teaching, and by using these portals, they enhance student-centered learning.  The nature of the organization that is being supported determines the set up for each portal as the following examples will illustrate.

BIBLIOTECAS VIRTUALES.  This is part of the CIVILA network portals.  It is free and offers a reading room, a selection of full-text novels, short stories, drama, biographies, essays, articles, fables, poetry legends and literary texts especially from Iberic America.  It also has a room for interaction where virtual communities of writers and readers can meet.

EDUC.AR. This is the Argentinean educational portal.  It is organized by five desks:  institutional, educational resources, teaching innovation, electronic literacy and services.  The educational resources are structured by content area and level and include links to electronic resources for instructors and students.  Information services disseminate opportunities in distinct domains for subscribers, individuals who need to navigate the site, subscribers to newsletters or RSS feeds.  It also includes tools for email, chat and blogs.  Innovation spaces hosts forums for interest groups for debating relevant topics for educators and are moderated by topic facilitators.

EDUTEKA.  This is a free educational portal that offers hundreds of personal resources and numerous links to other valuable sites for elementary and middle school educators.  The majority of the content is based on the mission of Eduteka: theoretical and practical resources that help to enrich education with the use of ICTE.  In order to facilitate the search for specific content and in addition to the graphic design, Eduteka offers four mechanisms; 1) a directory with more than 13 thematic categories and 150 subcategories; 2) an internal search engine with Google technology that is included on all of the pages directly under the heading of Eduteka; 3) a classified historical archive, and 4) a Tour through Eduteka.

MERLOT.  Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching is an American portal where educators can find online teaching and learning   materials that have been evaluated by colleagues.  It includes collections for the teaching of art, business, education, humanities, mathematics, statistics, science, technology and social sciences.

PCA. Portal Colombia Aprende.  This website was created by the Colombian Ministry of National Education in order to support directives, instructors, students, families and a community of individuals from distinct educational sectors.  Each user group has its own electronic posting platform where relevant resources are organized.  Subscribers can also use communication tools (email, forums, chat) and private virtual space (electronic hard drive) that stores digital resources.

PEC. Portal Educar Chile.  This is the website of the Chilean System of Education.  It is organized by writers according to the type of user (instructor, manager, student, family, researcher); it depends on a variety of resources organized by desks, categories or search engines.  Individuals who register to use the portal have access to the hard disk and free personal email.  They can create web sites that will be hosted by the portal and participate en forums and chats.

The majority of portals mentioned provide navigation assistance. It is generally possible to return to the beginning page with a click on the portal icon or the start button.  A map of the web site explains its structure and navigates to distinct places.  Internal search engines allow you to find exactly what you are searching for.