Digital Tours through Museums and Collections

Another interesting option that extend cultural heritage are the tours of innumerable sites of the great museums, or the site of NASA which allows the virtual exploration of space.  In places like these one can have a "scavenger hunt” in which the participant explores a series of virtual sites where questions can be resolved and whose solution demand that you pay attention to details in visited sites and to use important concepts.  Listed below are some of our favorite museums and collections.

GOLD MUSEUM, Bogota. The richness of its masterpieces and their organization into the different salons and regions of Colombia as well as the international expositions show the beauty and richness of Colombian heritage as well as the physical and historical context where these gold pieces originated. 

LOUVRE MUSEUM, Paris.  One of the most spectacular museums in the world, with a unique web site.  It is worthwhile to visit more than once in order to explore the distinct collections.

NASA.  A portal with multiple possibilities for exploring and knowing about our galaxy, the tools for conquering it, science and technology that support the space missions and related studies. It includes a section with access to multiple resources that can motivate future scientists and engineers to participate in cyber-excursions and diverse research about advanced technologies and mysterious phenomena.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.  This site will take you to amazing vistas of animals, environment, music, people maps, and so much more.  It utilizes videos, photos, reports and activities to expose you to the exciting and varied themes.  There is a special page for children that engages them in fun activities that encourage learning.

PRADO MUSEUM, Madrid. This museum is known for its masterpiece exhibits and the stunning narratives that accompany them.  Here, children are invited to paint, assemble puzzles, and practice cognitive skills.  The site also alerts the viewer to educational and research activities sponsored by the museum.

SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS, Washington.  This is the largest complex of museums and research centers in the world.  It is composed of 19 museums and nine research centers and the National Zoo. Visiting them on the web and exploring the collections of each one aids in understanding why this series of museums represents for many the opportunity of knowing the treasures of our past, the vibrant art of the present and the scientific promise of the future.