Electronic information systems

Another way to stay abreast of certain subjects is to subscribe to electronic information services that provide content on demand.

List Serves

Many web sites have periodic bulletins to which individuals may subscribe using their email addresses so that when there is news the subscriber will receive emails containing a link to the website where the information is located.  The subscriber can respond to the list serve to register an opinion. This is a good way to remain current on events, publications or news of interest.  The disadvantage of subscribing to a list serve is that your electronic mailbox can overflow with more information than you desire.

RSS Channels

Another possibility is the subscription to active systems of information (channels) that use the RSS format (in English Really Simple Syndication), a format based on the XML language for distributing content.  RSS channels can be accessed by making use of system feeds (readers of RSS sources) that allow the reader to receive news without having to surf the web or receiving list serve notifications. 

BLOGLINES is a free service that allows you to stay current with your blogs and favorite news channels.  FEEDREADER is free software under General Publication License (GPL) that allows you to subscribe and to classify RSS channels.  The advantage is that it is not necessary to look for news, the RSS channel brings it.  The disadvantage is that the user can become saturated with information when you have subscribed to channels that frequently update (for example public news) or collect information from many sources (like the services for open news).