Dictionaries, translators, thesauruses

Dictionaries, translators and thesauruses comprise another group of ICTE in this type A category. These resources have significant import for educators and students who benefit from the specialized groups who open their knowledge databases to the public. The following websites are a small sampling.

BABEL FISH TRANSLATION is a free service from Altavista that allows the translation of web pages from many languages.  The translation is very literal but can be used in an emergency.  Likewise, REVERSO can be used.  It offers the same online translation services.

WORDREFERENCE.COM offers free online dictionaries to translate from English into Spanish, French or Portuguese, as well as synonyms/antonyms.

VISUAL THESAURUS is a different concept of online help for those who need to visualize specific meanings of terms in English or other languages.  It has a demo and you can buy individual or group licenses for local or web use.