2016-2017 Officers

Presidents- Alex and Clayton             So, You're the Club President...
Vice President of Programs-Brianna    So, You're the Vice-President...
Vice President of Membership - Cassandra
Recording Secretary - Marie           So, You're the Secretary...
Correspondence Secretary - Margaret
Treasurer - Adrian
Attendance Secretary - Kylie
Reporter/Webmaster - 
Healthy Living Officer - Laci
Community Service Officer -   Service Learning 
Club Historian - Braden and 
Sargeant at Arms - 
Sunshine Committee- Elizabeth
Snack Coordinator--Brianna

Norms--How we will conduct business (Agreed on Aug. 2, 2013)
1) Listen to each other
2) Speak clearly and loudly
3) Respect each other's space
4) Be open to new ideas
5) No put downs (no bullying)
6) Sit still
7) Stay on task

Suzanna Gardetto,
Jul 31, 2013, 10:05 PM