American Pickle Co. at Wiggins MS

   One venture of Finkbine Guild Company and Mississippi Farms Company was the construction of a factory in 1912 at Wiggins MS for processing farm produce was the American Pickle and Canning Company. At first, the plant processed pickles, tomatoes, beans, fruits, and sweet potatoes. The American Pickle and Canning Co. was a Subsidiary of the Finkbine Guild Lumber Company.
   In 1912 the, American Pickle Co. at Wiggins MS, purchased Land from the Mississippi Farms Co. and built a Pickle Plant at Wiggins MS. The Pickle Plant was located 3/8 ths. of of a Mile North of the Depot in Wiggins MS. In,1913 the Pickle Plant burned and was rebuilt.
   The Plant had several different owners such as, the Widlar Co, Standard Brands, Beatrice Foods, and then the Brown Miller Co. 1n 1961 the Brown Miller Company expanded the Plant to become the largest Pickle Plant in the World. In the late1970's several Farmers stopped growing Cucumbers.
   The Brown Miller Co. operated the Plant until  1980 when it was closed and relocated to Brownsville Texas.