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2014 Village Building Convergence:

Pathways to Diversity

This year, we are continuing to channel our collective creativity to Permaculturify our PSU Orchard. Located at 12th and Montgomery, the Orchard has approximately 40 species of edible fruiting vegetation. This year, we are hope to plant a number of medicinal and support species varieties to diversify the Orchard micro-ecology and make it an abundant forest garden. Given that we are committed to social and ecological design, we are hoping to establish these new plants in a ecological pattern to increase the Permaculture "edge" between human and non-human species use at the site. 

As stewards over these areas our goal is nurture them and make a beautiful place for all people, animals, plants, and as wide of a community as possible. We hope you'll join us as we converge over regenerating our ecological, social, cultural and economic communities!

PSU VBC 2014
Read more about this years projects on our 2014 Project Description page or view a snapshot of the festivities below.
*Featured Speaker* Pandora Thomas

Friday May 23rd
Indigenous Permaculture  in Practice lead by Judy BlueHorse @ the Native American Student and Community Center

Wednesday May 28th
Permaculture in the Community Orchard

Tuesday May 27 
Our Kick-off Guild work-party where we will be building ecologically designed pathways
@ PSU's Community Orchard!

Friday May 30th
Orchard Final Work Party

Pathways to Diversity with Pandora Thomas
Pandora Thomas Permaculture in Prison Gardens, and other creative community building and ecosocial justice ventures. 
"I will speak partly about the program I co-founded:  It works with men and women re-entering our communities after incarceration to lower recidivism and connect them to the regenerative practices using permaculture design and social enterpreneur training."- Pandora

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