Here is the e-mail from Dave McCulloch that prompted Reed's editorial. DeMaio's camp was responding to our news coverage of the Soledad controversy, in which the chairman emeritus of the memorial association said Peters “has actually been very supportive from day one, and while there is always a temptation for people to use events like these for a political advantage, that is not what this is about."

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Scott Peters voted three times during his tenure on the City Council against protecting the cross — once to remove it, once to prevent its transfer to the federal government, and once against the City’s appeal of the 9th Circuit ruling.


He continues to try to back away from his positions despite his past votes  – and despite over 70% of voters supporting keeping the cross as-is when it came up for a public vote (75.96%).


Phil Thalheimer, leader of the campaign to save the Memorial, speaks further to this:

“As one of the leaders of the referendum campaign to save the Mt. Soledad Memorial, I can unequivocally say that Scott Peters was not a friend nor ally of our efforts to defend the memorial. To the contrary, Scott Peters has voted against efforts to keep the memorial as it stands and opposed appealing the misguided decision of the 9th Circuit Court.”


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