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Posted by Mr. P.K.Vinod Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi there! Welcome to my website! It is such a thrill to have a way to share my artwork. I wish I could have the privilege of looking at your faces as you see my work for the first time, because that's why I paint. It's all about seeing the corners of your mouth curve into a smile. That just does it for me.Thottessery

I am indeed blessed to have the very talented webmaster that created this website living right next door. When the thought was thrown out into space that I might want to have a website, I got so excited I started a ceaseless quest to figure out what I wanted to incorporate from other websites I liked...then that twist to make it all uniquely mine...In retrospect, I am sure I made very little sense. Jim attentively listened to me jabbering on about what I wanted the website to be like...and patiently scratched notes on a legal pad...nodded...nodded...asked questions...and somehow projected what was in my heart. He's amazing.

So welcome. I am so very proud and happy.

Feel free to email me with any requests. Aunt Ginnie wants a chicken large enough to see clearly if it's across the room and pretty high up on the wall. I think I know what  kind of crazy chicken she's thinking about...I think I can do this!!

Stay posted. I have several paintings I want to add to the website in a couple of weeks...and then there's the Haymarket. We plan on setting up there this season.

Its spring and it feels fresh and full of all sorts of possibilities. Thanks for checking in and do check back again soon!!