Ongoing Ph.D. Projects

1.        “Adaptiveness in Learning from Social Video Episodes” by Jelle de Boer. Groningen State University. Co-promotor. 2008-.

2.        “Media Education for Reconciling Self Image and Body Awareness” by Kirsten de la Horra Calomarde-Hofman. Co-Promotor, University of Twente. Sept 2008-.

3.        “Private Speech for Self Regulation in Media Programs” By Adel M. Agina. Co-promotor, University of Twente. February 2007-.

4.        “Regulation in On-Line Communities” by Eleonore ten Thij. Co-promotor, University of Twente. 2007-.

5.        “e-iTV: Online Learning Environment Generator System for Interactive Television” by Alcina Prata. Higher School of Management Sciences, Portugal. University Lisbon, Co-Promotor. Apr. 2006-.

6.        “Narrative Learning Conversations in the Woven Stories Paradigm.” By Jussi Nutinen. Co-promotor, University of Joensuu. July 2005-.

7.        “Conceptual Navigation for Surgical Training in Virtual Environments” by Jan-Maarten Luursema. Assistant Promotor. University of Twente, September 2004-.