Courses Bachelor and Master Level

2008 -

Designing New Media Applications: First Year Course for the Communication Science Students

2006 -

Visual Communication: Elective Master Course for Students in the Behavioral Sciences

2004 - 2006

Coordinating final thesis projects for the Psychology Bachelor and Master Theses in the stream Tech­nology & Media

2001 - 2004

Video Scenarios and Multimedia De­sign for Learning: Affective Factors and Attitudinal Effects

1999 - 2004

Digital Communities: Module in the Minor “Societal Effects of ICT”.

1997 -1999

Interdisciplinary Design Assign­ment: Problem Solving Paradigms and Collaborative Performance

1997 - 2006

Virtual Environments for Electronic Performance Support: Elective Course for the Inter­national Master Degrees

1995 -2000

Linear & Hypermedia Design: Conceptual and Metaphoric Awareness in Media Design

1995 -2000

Knowledge Engineering in Societal Processes: Knowledge Management, Infra­struc­ture and Communication

1985 -1996

Knowledge Engineering III: Repre­senting Domain Expertise

1985 -1988

Knowledge Engineering I: Self Knowledge, Schemata and Con­cept Mapping

1984 -1986

Dialog Construction: Design Tools for Adaptive Man-Machine Interaction

1982 -1984

Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences