Conference Papers

  1. "Surgical Interventions by Navigating in Virtual Reality Case Spaces” by Piet Kommers, Stef­fan Rödel, Jan-Maarten Luursema, Bob Geelkerken and Eelco Kunst. International Conference on Com­putational Science - ICCS 2003 Melbourne; June 3, 2003
  2. "Distributed interactive medical Exploratorium for 3D medical Images” Paper Presentation on the 3D Model­ling 2003 Conference; April, 23 / 24th 2003; Paris, France
  3. “Mental Programming by Visual Imagination” Piet Kommers, Jaakko Kurhila & Erkki Sutinen. Paper for Euro-CSCL 2001, Maastricht, 22 – 24. March 2001 ISBN 90-5681-097-9
  4. "Agent-based approaches to personal Assistance" by Svetoslav Stoyanov, Neli Stoyanova, Piet Kommers and Ivan Kurtev; University of Twente, Netherlands, University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Paper for the Confer­ence IMC´2000; Intelligent Interactive Assistance and Mobile Multimedia Computing. Rostock-Warne­muende, Germany. November 9-10, 2000
  5. "Agent-based Support for Conceptual Navigation in WWW Education"; Paper for the ICCE2000 in Tai­wan. (Co-author Lora Aroyo)
  6. Position Paper for TiCSE 2000 The 5th Annual Con­ference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education; “Conceptual Orientation for Learning: Looking Through Mental Space” (Co-author Slavi Stoyanov)
  7. “Handling Hypermedia Complexity: Fractal Hyper­scapes and Mind Mapping” Paper for with José Bidarra and Nuno Guimarães; 8th ACM Multimedia Conference, Los Angeles, California, USA October 30 - November 4, 2000, Los Angeles, California