Academic Memberships

1.        NESCOR the Netherlands School of Communications Research; Member in the division Communications, Management and Policy

2.        HFES Europe Chapter of The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society; Membership and “Colleague”

3.        ICO Interuniversity Center for Educational Research .

4.        EARLI (European Association for Research in Learn­ing and Instruction).

5.        VOR Member of the NWO-Board of Governors of the Division “Information Technology for Education”

6.        AERA (American Educational Research Association)

7.        UNISCENE Member of the Consortium: University Network of Innovative Student-Centered Education; Twente – Roskilde

8.        ECIU European Consortium of Innovative Universi­ties

9.        ICCE (International Conference for Computers in Education)

10.     ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Asso­ciation)