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We will use this site to support teleconferences provided by Dr. Helen Barrett on December 11-12, 2018, for a faculty in Islamabad, Pakistan.

On the first day, Dr. Barrett will focus on the two main approaches to ePortfolio development: portfolio as process/workspace (supporting learning and reflection) and portfolio as product/showcase (supporting assessment/accountability and self-marketing/employment). Dr.Barrett will discuss a balanced framework for developing ePortfolios, especially using strategies that support lifelong learning, with the essential elements of reflection and intrinsic motivation. We will explore the two conflicting paradigms of assessment according to Peter Ewing (Accountability vs. Improvement) as applied to ePortfolio development.

On the second day, Dr. Barrett will focus on the Planning Process for implementing ePortfolios, and the technology resources available, both online tools and apps for smartphones. She will demonstrate three different free ePortfolio development environments: GSuite (Google Apps and Sites), WordPress open source blogging tool, and Mahara, an open source ePortfolio tool created by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Mahara can be integrated with the Moodle instructional management system.

Here is a very recent paper to be published by Routledge: "Implementing ePortfolios in Teacher Education: Research, Issues and Strategies" co-authored by Nasrat Gulzar and Helen Barrett.

Slides for Adobe Connect video conference sponsored by Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB)
June 14, 2016:  
Video recording of presentation:

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