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-If you are thinking of change then it is a sure sign of dissatisfaction with things as they are. By one's own effort it is not always possible to view one's own life objectively. Even when one is awakened enough to realise all the factors that are short-circuiting our path to our goals, it is not always possible to take objective action as we are not able to distance ourselves enough. Therefore we may conclude that some external assistance by a mentor is needed. Somebody who can help in bringing objectivity to our perceiving/s and help us to see the way out to a greater self-awareness and speedier path to betterment and achieving of wanted results.
Let the exuberance of the child come back in your life.

I have three methods to help you do precisely that.
1.        By improving communication and language ability .
     By Karmic Analysis and Determination of factors in play.

3.       By De-stressing the clogged pathways of the mind's thinking channels thru Painting Therapy

4.       By Defocusing & Stepping Back thru concentration techniques.

Let me explain further:
Communicating Properly
Very few people are able to transfer their thoughts to the other person accurately and precisely. Therefore they fail in their mission to influence or make the other person see their point of view. This is an experetise that has to be acquired.

The Power in Words


Have the power to influence others. You already have the tools. All you need to do is sharpen it.  Between two people what is that connects? - Words.


Over time and usage words have been stringed & unified together to form sentences, specific idioms, phrases resulting in mental images. Be it in the written or spoken form. Therefore the magic is somewhere in the language and how it is used to communicate.


To influence others you need to have the following qualities. Ask yourself: Do you have them?:


Speak assertively. Do not be negative in your approach nor be derogatory. Do not harbor feelings of inadequacy about yourself.


Be candid. A little openness tends to open the other person too. Successful interaction demands some honesty and sincerity


Be Flexible. Mentally try to avoid prejudices and fixed ideas. Flexibility means opening the mind’s windows to new approaches. Responses may not always be what you expected but think of the possible advantages that can be derived before rejecting anything. A lot of people start their sentences with “NO!…..”. It is the best example of a bad communicator.


Show confidence. If you are certain about your point and yourself, then why not show it?


Ask questions. When you are disagreeing, instead of squarely denying the other person’s voicings, perhaps it would be nicer to question him about it. Putting your objection in a question makes it more palatable.


Make eye contact. Nothing impresses your true worth as eye contact. No great influence can be achieved with shifting eyes.


Stand up or sit tall. There is no need to overbear but slouching cannot create any good impressions either.


Limit your gestures. They can be very distracting. Use the minimum of stylish movements to emphasize but nothing excessive.


What is your face saying? Are you sure that your expressions are saying the same thing as your words are?


Maintain a running tempo. Too many hops and stops can be totally disastrous. Come to the point and do so clearly. And don’t wait. When the right time has come, don’t let it slip away. Don’t be in a hurry to blurt out either. Learn to bide your time.


Focus on the content. Think before you speak. Once the words are out, there is little that can be done to correct a bad presentation. And, more important, do not go on and on when you have made the right point and the listner is satisfied.


Last but the most important: LISTEN well and carefully. Very few people really ever listen. Most of us are more intent on what we are going to say rather than pay attention to the other party. Either we do not register anything at all, or because we register in bits and pieces, we end up by misunderstanding totally. Sometimes so totally that we may even end up having a grossly opposite picture.



Karmic Analysis and understanding the powers at play.


In a general way most understand the theory of Karma from the point of what was “DONE”.  A little introspection and quiet contemplation will reveal two things: 1) that the course of our lives is based more on the things that were NOT DONE; the decisions which were not taken. 2) that at every moment we are given a simple choice of saying “yes” or “no” ; this determines the course of our lives


If our lives are in a mess or things are not going forward as we had hoped, all we need to do is look back and discover the steps we did not take when we should have and the steps that have brought us to this impasse. The course correction is then obvious and the best way to deal with the moment is by taking the path that we should have but did not take and do it as soon as possible with intensity and sincerity as this effort will go a long way to negate some of the effects of the past doings or not-doings.


The truth is that deep in our hearts we all know where we are going wrong and where we have gone earlier. We are well aware of our lacunas but cover it with coats of appearances as if what the others “see” of us is more important than living our lives to our heart’s content. We put all our energies in keeping up the pretence of being on top of the world and look for magical solutions; if not solutions then at least excuses that will allow us to hold our head high and show to the world how well we are holding on in this unkind world.


Mankind is terribly clever. Statements like – “Everything is preordained”; “If it is in our destinies it will happen”; “It is all in the stars”; “God wished it this way” and many others in the same hue serve us well to sit back and lament our condition rather than do something about it. Our minds can place arguments from old sayings and proverbs and other great minds to prove our point as if arguing and convincing our neighbor is the final answer to our woes.


When the time comes for action we run to soothsayers, astrologers, and practioners of occult tricks and look for smart-quick fixes. Millions of work hours and good money is spent in poojas and practices to change the flow of our miserable lives. Tell me truly, do you really believe that your pooja down here will change the position of Saturn up there? If not then how do you expect a change to occur? The reality is that you have been given a non-negotiable state. No choice here; the parents, the place of birth, brothers, sisters, later the teachers, friends all these are already fixed. Before you know or understand what is going on decisions have been piled up on you and your personality formed by the dictates of others. After the harm has been done, you are expected to go out and make something out of this bad bargain and be successful in this world.


It is obvious that lamenting or trying to wash the sins off in the Ganges won’t help. Asking help of the stars through appeasement won’t help either because they are the ones who put you where you are in the first place. So comes the big question; what can you do?


First of all stop talking of past lives and often taking this as the perfect pretext towards our helplessness and as an excuse to the un-changeability of the course of our fate and lives. This is very convenient thinking and an oversimplification which suits mankind very well as it absolves them from the effort to make the necessary change and correction in their lives.


Sit down and analyze your karmic path up to date. Study your own nature and note the actions and reactions that you are prone to. Work out the steps that you can take with immediate effect to alleviate or bring in the wanted change and go ahead & take the first step. This is psycho-analysis of a kind. You will realize soon enough what is wrong and why. Then the solution will become obvious in a flash and you will be free to start all over again with a new path opening out in front of you. Your effort is an integral part of your destiny. You will realize that you have been given some positive streaks in your nature which are your strengths and also some negative streaks which are your weaknesses. You are required to learn from life’s incidences and overcome the negative turns in your life by using your strong attributes and by suppressing the harmful possibilities that happen from your negative attributes.



 De-Stressing thru Painting in Oil


Depression is fast becoming an important topic of conversation along with its family of anxiety pangs and panic attacks. Open any journal or magazine and there is something related to it in its pages. Are this all hype and a case of media having nothing better to do or true to today’s life style? I do know one thing that we do carry a heavy load of trying to live more than the allotted hours and thereby living mostly in the future worrying about the past and totally hassled in the present.


Life styles and life as it is; it cannot be wholly blamed. We are responsible for what we take on. When the mind gets too focused on one goal to the exclusion of all else, there is a tightening which results in knots in the mind that become habits in the long run. This creates a pattern of thinking and action that is self-defeating & self-repeating with the individual not even aware of it.
We block our own development and evolution by sticking to certain memories and ideas. There are many actions and reactions that result from certain memories. Like an abusive parent who was never there to help but always there to punish. These subconscient thoughts trigger sad and depression causing images and can color every aspect of our lives. We need to break away from them. Let the past recede far enough so that new impressions can make a home in our personalities.


We cannot always change our patterns but by changing some of our activities we can create new paths in our brain’s way of handling things. Try sometimes the concept of De-stressing through Painting in Oil. This is a wonderful medium to take your mind off on a tangent. By using forms and colors, a door is opened to new vistas. Even depression can be reigned in. Therapists force the clients to paint pictures of happy things or scenes such as flowers and landscapes with a lot of yellow and green in them. This is in contrast to gloomy moods where most people tend towards black or very dark, heavy colors and forms.  Not only primary colors. Let’s not limit ourselves and take a rigid stance. The colors that are vibrant are yellows and every shade of every color in which it is to be found. White too. It is simply impossible to be unhappy with these colors in your lives. Left to themselves, most humans would go on masturbating with their own morbid thoughts. So they have to be weaned away. The ego of a person will resist so the job has to be done gently. Landscapes with pleasant forms and all elemental natural ingredients in it will do the trick.


When you are in a particular mood, you tend to veer towards certain colors and forms; insisting gently that the mind play only with certain forms and colors which trigger happy images can induce changes in moods and mental vibrations with positive results. This has an immediate and strong effect on the personae.


Oil painting is the perfect medium as it permits overwriting. It is the perfect medium to play with.

This permits focusing on problems and finding practical solutions in a relaxed and receptive state of mind. For, after all, all our problems begin and end in the mind.


 Defocusing & Stepping Back

to see things better


 The age old advice to sleep over matters to gain a better perspective is a very important one. The mind needs time to mull over things and stepping back and giving it time to reflect is an important step in better management of life and self.

 The human mind and thinking process is easily contaminated by personal vanity and desires emanating thru it. Often we make issues inordinately personal and then we focus so hard on a single factor in life to the exclusion of all else, that we shut ourselves out from the actual world and live in a castle in our mind refusing to come out or even acknowledge that anything like a world out there exists. 


We become obsessed with our doings and our pride makes us think that if we did not act, nothing would happen; we see ourselves as the initiator.

This state of affairs can only bring pain and disappointment. The mind by itself is rarely able to break away from its own centralised focus and wallows in its singular quicksand, getting deeper and deeper into its own vortex. Unfortunately, the cosmos continues to go on in its merry way and this leaves us sad, lost and depressed.

It is at this stage or before this stage is reached, that it is necessary to break off the tentacles of these thoughts that we have encastled ourselves in, out of a sense of prestige and from strong desire.


This is done by retraining the mind to defocus and re-enlarge its view. We need to stop the mind from turning on itself and going in circles; perhaps even stop its incessant thinking. Then when the mind is in a state of openness, let new thoughts and ideas at least be given a cursory hearing. Slowly the mind will deflect itself and realign itself with the world at large. New interests will take birth and all will be contentment again.


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I would be glad to help you out. But none of the above practices can be undertaken at a distance so personal contact is necessary.


I need time as follows:


1) 2-3 sittings

2) 6-8 sittings

3) 4-5 sittings

(sittings are of 1 to two hours each)


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