Trail Running

Since I have been semi retired I have been trail running 5 days a week with my pooch Marley.  Lately we have typically run 8 miles per day or so of fire roads and single track trails enjoying the beautiful wooded trails of the area.  We are fortunate to have Loch Raven Reservoir and the Gunpowder River nearby as well as many other great trail areas a bit farther.

We run whether there is wind, cold, heat, rain, sleet, hail, or snow.  Foolishly we don't usually let even lightning and thunder deter us.  Perhaps perversely I actually enjoy bad weather and Marley seems to mostly not mind either if there aren't too many falling branches and the thunder isn't too close.  Both Marley and I do much prefer cooler weather, but we can also tough out the hot days especially if there is shade and water.

I am definitely not a fast runner, but I am pretty serious about getting out and enjoying the trail miles on a regular basis.  We almost never miss a day unless I am away on a trip doing some other outdoor activity like bike touring or backpacking.

Our mornings in the woods are a spiritual time for me.

I have started carrying a either my cell phone (which has a decent camera) or a nicer stand alone camera on most of my runs so I have been capturing images of some of the sights.