State High Points

My daughter Erica and son in law Ryan got me interested in visiting state high points.   I visited the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia high points with them (and with our dogs as well) and again later with my wife Susan (and with our dog Marley).   As a result I got to visit these three high points at both the peak of Fall colors as well as in Winter with a bit of snow on the ground. 

At this point I have only visited a few, but I expect the list of high points visited to grow faster after retirement.

 State  Elevation  Peak
 Date Comments
 Alabama  2,450'  Cheaha Mountain    
 Alaska  20,320'  Mount McKinley    
 Arizona  12,633'  Humphrey's Peak    
 Arkansas 2,753'   Magazine Mountain    
 California 14,494'   Mount Whitney    
 Colorado 14,433'   Mount Elbert    
 Connecticut 2,380'   Mount Frissell    
 Delaware 448'   Ebright Azimuth    
 District of Columbia 415'   Fort Reno Summit    
 Florida 345'   Lakewood Park    
 Georgia 4,784'   Brasstown Bald  7-8-2013  
 Hawaii 13,796'   Mauna Kea    
 Idaho 12,662'   Borah Peak    
 Illinois 1,235'   Charles Mound    
 Indiana 1,257'   Hoosier High Point    
 Iowa 1,670'   Hawkeye Point    
 Kansas 4,039'   Mount Sunflower  8-12-2010 Caught this one after bailing on Colorado bike tour due to altitude sickness.  It was a weird, but fun stop.
 Kentucky 4,139'   Black Mountain  1-2-2013
It was very icy and the drive up a bit iffy.  Marley and I slept in the car at the top.
 Louisiana 535'   Driskill Mountain    
 Maine 5,267'   Mount Katahdin    
 Maryland 3,360'   Backbone Mountain  12-30-2011 Nice hike both times (once with Erica and Ryan and once with Susan)
 Massachusetts 3,487'   Mount Greylock    
 Michigan 1,979'   Mount Arvon    
 Minnesota  2,301'   Eagle Mountain    
 Mississippi 806'   Woodall Mountain    
 Missouri  1,772'   Taum Sauk Mountain    
 Montana  12,779'   Granite Peak    
 Nebraska 5,424'   Panorama Point    
 Nevada 13,140'   Boundary Peak    
 New Hampshire 6,288'   Mount Washington    
 New Jersey 1,803'   High Point    
 New Mexico 13,161'   Wheeler Peak    
 New York 5,344'   Mount Marcy    
 North Carolina 6,684'   Mount Mitchell  7-9-2013  
 North Dakota 3,506'   White Butte    
 Ohio 1,549'   Campbell Hill    
 Oklahoma 4,973'   Black Mesa    
 Oregon 11,239'   Mount Hood    
 Pennsylvania 3,213'   Mount Davis  12-30-2011  Easy drive up both times (once with Erica and Ryan and once with Susan)
 Rhode Island 812'   Jerimoth Hill    
 South Carolina 3,569'   Mount Sassafras  7-8-2013  
 South Dakota 7,242'   Harney Peak    
 Tennessee 6,643'   Clingmans Dome    
 Texas 8,749'   Guadalupe Peak    
 Utah 13,528'   Kings Peak    
 Vermont 4,393'   Mount Mansfield    
 Virginia 5,729'   Mount Rogers  7-9-2013  
 Washington 14,410'   Mount Rainier    
 West Virginia 4,861'   Spruce Knob  12-30-2011  Drove to top (once with Erica and Ryan with snow covered roads and once with Susan)
 Wisconsin 1,951'   Timms Hill    
 Wyoming 13,804'   Gannett Peak    

Mount Sunflower Kansas elevation 4,039'

Susan, Marley, and me at Backbone Mountain Maryland
elevation 3,360'