Outdoor Photography

I have been interested in photography since I was a kid.  We had an impromptu darkroom that we set up when we needed it.  It was actually a bedroom most of the time.  Anyway I remember developing black and white film and making black and white prints from as far back as early childhood.  Later as a teenager I built a small darkroom in my parents basement.  There were always decent cameras around for me to use ranging from 35 mm half frame to 6x9 cm.  I think my favorite at the time was a Rolleicord Vb.  Over the years I dabbled in the use of everything up to a 4x5" view camera.

I got an Associates degree in photography back in the day and worked part time as a photographer.  I did a bunch of weddings, promotional pictures for bands, some motorcycle racing photography for the racing tabloids, and had some outdoor and travel pictures published.

These days I like to carry a camera on hikes, trail runs, and bike tours and capture scenic shots.

A few bike tour pictures

More good stuff to come soon.