Bicycling is something that I did from an early age, as I grew up in a bicycling family.  No one in the family raced or toured with camping gear, but bikes were both recreation and transportation for us when I was a kid.  I do remember at a very young age seeing two fully loaded bike tourists in the mountains of western Maryland.  Later in 1976, I was inspired by Bikecentennial and wanted to ride coast to coast with the others who did the ride to observe the US bicentennial year.  Alas, it didn't happen, but that seed was planted in my brain to lie mostly dormant for 31 years.  At that point I finally realized that dream by riding the Bikecentennial route, which was by then called the TransAmerica.  It was made even better by being able to do the long ride with my daughter Erica and her college room mate Lauren.

My Mom and Dad were avid cyclists who rode century ride into their mid and late 70's respectively so there is hope that I have quite a few years of riding ahead of me.  I seem to have passed on the love of cycling to Erica and her husband Ryan who have become avid cyclists.

I have done a number of long and long-ish bicycle tours including:
I also wrote some articles on bicycle touring including:
I have increasingly gotten into the pursuit of lighter and lighter touring loads while still camping and cooking.  This has also been in tandem with my efforts aimed at lighter backpacking loads as well.

Trans America Wheel Dip 2007 
Coastal Redwoods
Erica and Lauren on the TA 
My sleeping spot at Marfa Mystery Light Viewing Station 
near Marfa Texas on the Southern Tier in 2012 
Erica and Lauren on the TA in the Wind River Valley 
 My Mountain Bike in The Colorado Rockies in 2012