I have spent a lot of my time in the woods starting from an early age.  As a small child I was already the master of the disappearing act, and where did I go?  Where else?  To the nearby woods or maybe even the off limits not so nearby ones.  I would be given a simple task like taking the tablecloth out and shaking out the crumbs.  The result would be that there would be a table cloth hanging on the fence and I'd be off exploring the nearby woods.

I was fortunate that despite growing up in the "burbs" there were plenty of beautiful wooded areas with fast flowing creeks nearby.

Currently I am in the process of retiring and am down to working only two days per week, but plan to be fully retired after June 25, 2013 just shy of the age of 62.  The whole "retirement thing" is exciting, but also a little scary.  The good news is that, unlike some folks I know, I am never at a loss for things to occupy my time.  I am kind of amazed that even when working only two days per week the five day weekend still seems short!

So come June 26th my employer will find that proverbial tablecloth hanging on their fence.  The truth of the matter is that when that happens I will not miss work at all, but will miss the nice paycheck.

I am always planning one big adventure or another, whether it be a bike tour, backpacking trip, canoe trip, or attempt to visit another state high point.  These have ranged from bicycle tours including coast to coast trips, to canoe or kayak trips, to backpacking trips, to bagging state high points, to fishing trips, to hunting trips, to mountain bike trips.

When I am not either on or planning a big adventure I am likely to be out on a mini-adventure hiking, trail running, or some other interesting outdoor pursuit.  That or resting up from one :)