Curriculum Vitae


Paul Alan Rey Jr.
2112 Art-Sociology Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
pjrey <dot> socy (at) g mail <dot> com

.: Education

University of Maryland
Working Toward a PhD in Sociology


MA in Sociology
MA Paper:
"Alienation, Exploitation, and Social Media"
Advisor: George Ritzer
Reader: Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz

Duquesne University
MA in Philosophy

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
BA in Political Science and Humanities, Summa Cum Laude

Moon Area High School
Diploma, Honors

.: Research Interests

My main substantive interest is the recursive relationship between technology and society with a view toward the future problems and possibilities this relationship engenders. Specifically, I have been thinking a lot about how important aspects of our lives are converging on and around the Internet: production and consumption (i.e., prosumption), play and labor (i.e., playbor), as well as material substances and digital codes (i.e., augmented reality). Because I am concerned with how power functions vis-à-vis technology, I have particular interest in the social theories of The Frankfurt School, the French post-structuralists, and the New Left Movement.

.: Refereed Articles

.: Other Publications

           "Conceptualizing Globalization in Terms of Flows." with George Ritzer. Current Perspectives in Social Theory. 2010.

.: Conferences and Presentations:


"Internet Use, Gaming, and Well-Being," with Zeynep Tufekci. American Sociology Association Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. August 2010.

"Marcuse, the Web, and the New Means of Ambient Production." with Nathan Jurgenson. VII Annual Social Theory Forum on Critical Social Theory: Freud & Lacan for 21st Century. Boston, MA. April 2010.

"Prosumption and the Internet: a New Epoch of Capitalism," Eastern Sociology Society Annual Meeting. Boston, MA. March 2010.

“Virtuality within Globalization Literature: the Genealogy of a Concept.” American Sociology Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA. August 2009.

“Resistance in Fields of Scientific Knowledge: A Foucauldian Analysis.” Eastern Sociology Society Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD March 2009.

“The Minoritarian Mass: A Deleuzian Perspective on Immigration.” Symbiosis: Political Ontology and a New Metaphysics. Duquesne University. March 2007.

“The Prize of Learning: Habits of Critical Evaluation.” Commencement Address. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. April 2006.

“Freedom and Social Environment in Dewey: Absolutist versus Progressive Community.” Senior Philosophy Capstone. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. April 2006.

“The Brazilian Treatment Model: A New Course for Global AIDS Policy.” Pennsylvania Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Harrisburg, PA. April 2006.

“The Brazilian Treatment Model.” Senior Political Science Capstone. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Dec. 2005.


"Internet Technology and Social Capital:How the Internet Affects Seniors' Social Capital and Wellbeing" by Shima Sum, Mark. R. Mathews, Mohsen Pourghasem, Ian Hughes. Wellbeing: A Cure-All for the Social Sciences. Organized online by Blackwell Compass. Nov. 2011.

.: Book Chapters

"Economy: Consumption." with George Ritzer. The New Blackwell Companion to Sociological Theory. Forthcoming.

.: Encyclopedia Entries

"Machinic Assemblages." The Encyclopedia of Globalization. 2011.

"Open-Sourcing." The Encyclopedia of Globalization. 2011.

"Foucauldian Archaeology and Genealogy." The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology. 2010.

“Carnivals.” The Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture. 2010.

“Marcuse, Herbert.” The Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture. 2010.

.: Under Review

"Alienation, Exploitation, and Social Media." American Behavioral Scientist.

"Social Comparison and Doubt Mediation." with Jeff Lucas and Amy Baxter. Social Psychology Quarterly.

"Internet Use, Gaming, and Well-Being." with Zeynep Tufekci. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.

.: Working Papers

"Race, Gender, and the Digital Divide." with Zeynep Tufekci.

"Play, Labor ... Playbor?"

.: Media Appearances

        "Cyberbullying." Maryland Morning with Shelia Kast. 1 November 2010.

        "Nathan&PJ I’m @ WYPR." Maryland Morning with Shelia Kast. 28 September 2010.

        "Augmented Reality Check." Maryland Morning with Shelia Kast. 14 June 2010.

.: Guest Blog Posts

         "The Medical Marijuana Hype: It’s Not As Easy As THC." Sociology Lens. 20 September 2010.

          "Social Media: Have We Built a Society without Closets?'" Sociology Lens. 29 July 2010.
"OkCupid Grants Special Privileges to Attractive Users." Sociology Lens. 6 June 2010.

"Reflections on the Prosumer Studies Working Group by PJ Rey." IMAGINE. 21 May 2010.

          "Facebook Fatigue and Privacy Panic: Has the Golden Age of Social Media Ended?."
Sociology Lens. 17 May 2010.

"Social Media and America’s Conversation on Race." Racism Review. 12 May 2010.

"Social Media: Documentation as Stratification."
Sociology Lens. 2 May 2010.

"The Queer Politics of Chatroulette."
Sociology Lens. 18 April 2010.

"Full-Body Scanners: Explosive Violence or Naked Domination" Sociology Lens. 4 April 2010.

Public Sociology vs the Anger Industry (or Why Lying Makes Michael Savage Richer)." Sociology Lens. 24 February 2010.

"Liquid Charity." Sociology Lens. 24 January 2010.

"Where’s the Money in Prosumption: Predictions for 2010." Sociology Lens. 27 December 2009.

"Cyborg Systems: Sociology's Proper Unit of Analysis." Sociology Lens. 29 November 2009.

"Conference Summary Part I: The Internet as Playground and Factory." Sociology Lens. 15 November 2009.

"Augmented Reality: Going the Way of the Dildo." Sociology Lens. 2 November 2009.

"When Prosumption is Law, the Prosumer is King (for Now)." Sociology Lens. 18 October 2009.

"Net Neutrality: Must Freedom Be Organized?" Sociology Lens. 5 October 2009.

"Out of Print: Prosumption and the Triumph of New Media." Sociology Lens. 20 September 2009.

.: Creative Publications


“to the man on the tightrope.” River Oak Review. Nov. 2006

“Studying Hegel after a summer traveling Europe.” Lexicon. Sept. 2006.

“’Dude, Hamlet’s a pussy.’” Nerve Cowboy. Sept. 2006.

.: Courses Taught

University of Maryland

Summer 2010: Introduction to Sociology

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Spring 2005: Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship: Introduction to Sociology

.: Professional Experience

University of Maryland

Fall 2010–present: Managing Editor of the Cyborgology Blog, hosted by The Society Pages

Sept. 2010–May 2011:
Research Assistant to Alan Neustadtl (NSF Grant)

Spring 2010
Spring 2011: Lead Organizer of "Theorizing the Web" Conference at University of Maryland

Sept. 2009–May 2010: Research Assistant to George Ritzer

Sept. 2008–May 2009: Research Assistant to Jeff Lucas, Group Processes Lab

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Summer 2004: Research Assistant to On-Campus Juvenile Delinquent Mentoring Pilot Study

.: Awards and Honors

Excellence in Service Award. ASA Global and Transnational Sociology Section. August 2010.

C.W. Mills Fellowship. University of Maryland. Dec. 2008–May 2010.

UMD Department of Sociology Summer Research Fellowship. University of Maryland. Summer 2009.

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Fall 2004: Da Vinci Society (Top University Honor for Service, Leadership, International Study, and Academic Excellence [1-3 inductees/year])

Spring 2006: Commencement Speaker and Class Representative

.: Departmental Service

University of Maryland

Sept. 2009–May 2010: Social Chair, Graduate Student Forum

Dec. 2008–May 2009
: First-Year Representative, Graduate Student Forum

Duquesne University

Sept. 2007–May 2008: Vice President, Graduate Students in Philosophy

Sept. 2007–Feb. 2008: Philosophy Representative, Graduate Student Organization

Sept. 2006–May 2007 : Conference Planning Committee: 2nd Annual Duquesne Graduate Philosophy Conference: Ancient Friends in Contemporary Thought

.: Languages

English: Native

French: Reading Proficient

.: Computer Skills

Extensive use of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Excel, NodeXL, Power Point, Publisher, SPSS, STATA, Quark, Word

.: References

Zeynep Tufekci
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland Baltimore County

George Ritzer
Distinguished University Professor
University of Maryland

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