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PL450: Seminar in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Philosophy seminars are designed for, and largely restricted to, philosophy majors and minors.  Majors must complete 2 seminars; minors must complete 1.
My seminar offerings (focussing upon ancient Greek philosophy) also have as a prerequisite that the student have completed course PL210 (Ancient Greek Philosophy), or its equivalent.  My offerings of the seminar are limited to no more than 15 students.  Students must receive my permission to register ( so that I may ensure they satisfy these particular prerequisites and so that I may better ensure that the seminar is not over-enrolled.
Past topics have included Plato's Early and Middle Dialogues, Plato and Empiricism, Plato and Hegel (with Dr. Brenda Wirkus), Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Socratic IntellectualismFor the foreseeable future, the topic will remain Socratic Intellectualism, or be on some topic closely related to it.
A sample seminar syllabus may be accessed here.