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"Lethal Option"
A 'Simon Says' Detective Adventure
  ISBN 1-4137-7930-1 

Book One

  Private Investigator Winston Simon meets beautiful surgeon, Lana Elmore. First she saves his life, and then he saves hers. They fall in love and plan to marry but there is one major stumbling block. Lana has lost on fiancé to violence and is determined not to lose another.  After Simon is seriously injured, she gives him an ultimatum, his job or her. Before he can come to a decision a deadly sequence of actions drives a deep wedge between them. After completing several stressful cases, a physically and emotionally exhausted Simon finally makes his choice. But, is it too late? Unfortunately, Simon has made some deadly enemies. Does the pursuit of happiness always come with a price? For Simon, maybe it does.

"Lethal Judgment"
A 'Simon Says'  Detective Adventure.

 ISBN 1-4241-2987-7

Book Two

Relentless in his quest for retribution, PI Winston Simon is shot at, banged up, and literally blown away as he pursues the villains against whom he has sworn vengeance. Before he can reach his goal, however, he will have to face a long and complicated series of bad situations, as well as a list of bad people who would want nothing more that to put an end to his life. A serious injury nearly ends his comeback and any chance for settling the scores he so desperately seeks. With another lengthy recovery completed, a series of cases contributes to his journey of revenge, culminating with a day of reckoning and final judgment filled with flames, blinding pain, and death. Is this life-changing ordeal finally over for Simon, or is it simply the beginning? Only the passage of time will tell.