Who am I?

Peter John Lee is a computer science graduate from De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines.
He loves to develop webapps, games and other programming work.
He loves playing the piano during his free time.

Game Development and Other Software Programming:

Plutopia Beta (Facebook Game)

Plutopia is an online virtual game world focused on delivering Social Accounatiblility aspects.
It is currently being developed for the Facebook Platform.

This is still a work in progress.

Language: ActionScript 3.0, FBML (Facebook Markup Language)
Lead Software Developer: Peter John Lee

The Garden of Sinners (Independent 2D Side-Scroller Game)

Developed in C++, HGE Engine. Development Time: 1week.
Programmed by Peter John Lee.
Background Art by Abigail Dela Cruz.

This was an attempt to showcase a 2d side scroller game in C++.
It is a fan game based on the Kara no Kyoukai series.

Some music and sprites are taken from various sources. The AI is somewhat glitch at the moment, and the player is immortal.

I plan to continue developing this game sometime.

Exceed (Independent 2D Space Shooter):

Exceed, is a videogame developed by select students of De La Salle University.

This was our GAMEDEV project during my senior year. It is a 2d vertical side scrolling arcade shooter with RPG elements. The game was developed using Java and OpenGL with the use of the Slick 2d game engine.

Game Design & Programming Lead:
Peter John Lee

Slick 2D Engine: http://slick.cokeandcode.com/

Battle City Xtreme - 3D Multiplayer Test:

Developed in Java, JMonkey Engine.

Programmed by Peter John Lee.

Battle City Xtreme was a multiplayer network test game, it was a test bed for using basic network knowledge
advanced interpolation techinques in syncing the server to the client.

Dream Life - Dating Sim (Casual 2D Game):

Developed in Java. 
Programmed by Peter John Lee. 

Dream Life is a casual 2d game.
Dream Life was a school project during my object-oriented programming course back in 2006. 
It is a typical dating simulation game with RPG elements.

All other assets and sound/music are not my property.

Unfinished Symphony - Visual Novel (Casual 2D Game):

Developed in Java.

I made this visual novel game as a final requirement for my Interactive Story-telling course.

The game is coded in Java, approximately taking up 2 days, and every image/sound was ripped from various anime and games.
So, I guess I can call this, semi-original.

The entire story was written by me.

Typer Matrix Extreme (Casual 2D Game):

Programmed by Peter John Lee.
Developed in C++, Allegro engine.

Typer Matrix Extreme was a school project back in 2006 during my first year in college. It is a text-helper game variant.
This was my first ever game.

All other assets and sound/music are not my property.

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