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Economics 152: Personnel Economics

The core of every organization is its people, and Personnel Economics is the economic study of these Human Resources (HR).

Notice to students signing up for Winter 2018:  Due to capacity constraints in the campus's computer labs, two exams for this course will be held outside the normal class hours.

These exams will be held in the computer labs, on Thursday Feb 1, and Thursday March 8, both from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

If you can't make these exam times, please don't sign up for the course. 

Topics include:

Personnel Selection Decisions, such as:

                -promotion from within versus external searches

                -hiring referred workers versus formal job ads  

     -choosing candidates from an applicant pool

                -inducing (the right) candidates to apply

                -retaining top talent

                -when to embrace or avoid ‘risky’ hires

Compensation Decisions, such as:

                -setting wages relative to the labor market

                -fixed versus variable pay:  how strongly should pay be tied to performance?

                -‘timing gaming’ and other common pitfalls with incentive pay

                -do financial incentives ‘crowd out’ workers’ intrinsic motivation?

                -should pay be confidential or public?

Managing Interactions between workers, such as:

                -competition for promotions as an incentive system

                -benefits and pitfalls of a competitive work environment

                -motivating teams of workers

                -benefits and pitfalls of team-based pay