PJ Faucet Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

PJ Faucet Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
8718 154 Street Edmonton AB T5R1S7
PJ Faucet is a family owned and operated plumbing and heating company that started in 1979 offering twenty four hour residential and commercial service in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

We believe in good service and quality workmanship and fair pricing in all work.


We offer a wide range of plumbing and heating and sewer services including:
  • twenty four hour residential and commercial service
  • natural gas forced air heating furnace repair
  • hot water tank repair and replacement
  • clearing plugged sewers and sink and tub drains
  • hot water boiler heating system repair
  • toilet and tub and sink repair and replacement
  • burst pipe and burst hose bib repair and replacement
  • kitchen and bathroom faucet repair and replacement
  • bathtub and shower repair and replacement
  • sewer back flow prevention valve installation
  • double check valve assembly installation and testing
  • kitchen sink garburator installation and repair 
  • sump and sewage pump repair and replacement
  • dishwasher repair and replacement
  • natural gas barbecue installation
  • natural gas fireplace repair and installation
  • swimming pool heater repair and replacement
  • water softener installation and repair
  • point source water heater repair and replacement