About the Organ

This Pedals, Pipes & Pizza event features the organ
at First Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield.

This organ includes both pipes and digital voices in what is known as a hybrid pipe+digital organ.

This organ also has digital sounds that are made by speakers hidden behind the pipes.  You can't see the speakers, but you will hear them along with the pipes. 

We'll see if you can tell the difference!

This is the console that controls the organ and where the organist sits to play the organ.  This organ has four keyboards called manuals.  Each manual plays a different sections of pipes in the organ called divisions.

The round knobs on each side of the manuals are called stops.  The stops turn the different ranks of pipes and digital voices on and off.

At the bottom of the console are the pedals.  This is another keyboard that the organist plays with his or her feet and has white and black "keys" just like the keyboards that you play with your hands.  The pedal "keyboard" plays the really low notes that make the organ sound so grand

And when we're done having fun listening to and learning about the organ...
this is what comes next!