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A Slice of Hope 2011

“A smile is the light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home."

What remarkable pizza parties in 2011!  Our special guest singer, artist, and songwriter Sheba Sahlemariam made a special visit to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission and Christian Service Center just to spread smiles, hope, joy as well as a very special message to the children at the shelter and service center.

On June 17th, Kenny Avary took photos of the children enjoying their pizza and music at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.  DJ Chino took care of the music for our special guest singer Sheba who carefully selected songs that would encourage and inspire the shelter audience.  The children gathered around Sheba as she sang her songs.  One little girl even decided to sing her very best, "I believe I can fly!"  Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming moments at the shelter this year.

On June 18th, Paul Pikel captured some amazing memories and beautiful moments with the children at the Christian Service Center.  Sheba Sahlemariam entertained the audience with her beautiful voice and special songs.  One of the service guests was celebrating her first birthday.  Sheba took pleasure in that moment.  What initially was a simple gesture of sharing and kindness became memorable moments and special celebrations for many.  Take a look at the video clips below to see the wonderful memories that were captured from both of these memorable events.

Orlando Union Rescue Mission 2011

Christian Service Center 2011

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