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QIFAM (Questions I Frequently ask Myself)

What is this all about?
I've been making pizza in SF since I moved here from Ohio 15 years ago and couldn't find a decent pizza.  SF is abundant w/good pizza now of course, but instead of hanging up my pizza peel I'm trying to see if I can, as the man from N.O. would say, "take it up another notch."
I use sauce made from organic, heirloom tomatoes- in particular I favor dry farmed early girls from Mariquita Farms, but I also use Green Zebras, Beefsteaks, Cherokee Purples, Persimmon, Marvel Stripes, Daniellas and from other farms such as Fully Belly, Happy Boy and Dirty Girl.
In addition, I season the cornicione w/salt, typically alderwood smoked salt.
My dough is hand kneaded and naturally leavened, inspired by the method used by Tartine Bakery for their legendary "Country White" loaf.
I use only the highest quality ingredients I can find.
Although I can be a bit of a "Pazi" (pizza Nazi) I do try to remind myself that 'it's just F'ing pizza.'  That said, I encourage first-timers to stick w/the classics, Margherita or Marinara in order to best appreciate the core pizza elements, the perfection of which is an endless pursuit:
Sauce- Rich, bright, sweet, earthy, smokey
Crust- Leopard-spotted, crispy outside, chewy inside with open, shiny crumb and character
Olive Oil- pungent, grassy, spicy, bitter
Herbs- Fresh and fragrant
Cheese- Clean, fresh milky Cow or extra creamy Buffalo Mozzarella coupled with freshly grated, sharp, crystalline Parmigiano
Chilies- Complex, multi-layered heat of Calabrian Chilies

What's the story w/that Oven?
[old answer]The FrankenWeber is a 22.5" Weber Charcoal Grill that I converted into a mini-mobile-wood-burning-pizza-oven that appears unassuming, but is able to very quickly and efficiently reach 1000F (the ideal temperature for cooking authentic Neapolitan style pizzas in under 2 minutes).  It was inspired by the "Appropriate Technology" developed by the Aprovecho Research Center and is fueled by small chunks of wood and charcoal (typically oak from spent wine barrels and mesquite charcoal).  I am in the process of patenting and refining the design and intend to commercialize the oven soon (email me if interested).
The FrankenWeber has enabled me to take my pizza to the people (albeit illegally) . . .

When/Where do I make these mythical pies?
You can find us at 3299 Mission St. wed-sat 5-10, sun 1-9
[old answer] I sling pie when/where I think I can get away w/it and make more than minimum wage.
You can see where I'll be next here or just follow me on Twitter (@PizzaHacker)

Yes, we are available for hire.

-Jeff aka PizzaHacker