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***********!!Below info is for San Francisco location!!***********

San Francisco/3299 Mission:
Online ordering for pickup at
Select "curbside" and "text notification" when checking out, you should be notified when your order is ready. 
Call us at 415-874-5585 when you're outside or text include your name

Delivery is now available at

4:30 to 8:30 Tue to Sun (9pm on Friday)

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For TO-GO orders GO-TO:
Pay ahead for super convenient Curbside delivery and you won't need to find a parking spot!

We only take to-go orders via the online ordering system or in person. Please note- occasionally we get too busy and temporarily suspend online ordering.

If you have a question, please text us at 415-874-5585

For the most part, there is rarely more than a 10 minute wait so reservations are not necessary
pro tip: if you're really worried, text us to find out current wait for the size of your party
We'll put your name on the list if there is one
If your party is greater than 6, just text (don't call) us about 40 minutes prior to arrival (here's the deal though- if we hold a table and you're late then we may give it away. Just keep us updated with your ETA)

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Some lucky guy gets to meet the PizzaHacker:
Me and the prez, just hangin, like we do

PLASTICITY a short documentary film by Ryan Malloy

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