Our award winning pizza is consistently chosen as Denvers Best.

Have you had enough of the same old, tired, franchised, Fast Food Pizza?

We specialize in baking a traditional New York style pizza, with a thin (but not a cracker) crust - a slice of our pizza is meant to be folded in half lengthwise & eaten much like a taco. Add our slightly sweet and spicy pizza sauce, our own special blend of top quality Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese, and your choice of savory toppings, and you have a combination that will have you falling in love with pizza all over again.
t New York Pizzeria, we constantly strive to combine the consistency that you'd find in a major franchise with the quality of product that is found in a mom & pop pizzeria. We prepare our own dough, sauce, and cheese every day of the week. All of our crusts are hand  tossed when you place your order, and each pizza is baked in an old fashioned, stone deck oven. We strongly feel that this traditional way of making pizzas makes for a better product, plus, it's so much more fun to watch it get made the old school way!
We're not entirely old school however!  We have invested in a computerized order taking system to provide a higher quality of service, we now bake our specialty pies on a new style "pizza disc" (keeps the crust from getting soggy) rather than the old style pizza screens, and were even contemplating putting up something called a website on this newfangled Internet thing that people keep talking about!

In addition to seating for 80 in our dining room, we also offer take out and delivery (limited area). We can also accommodate private parties of up to 50 people.