I am a B.Tech Graduate from IIIT-Hyderabad, I am presently working at Google, Hyderabad.

I was an ignorant kid from a small town, Ujjain, when I came to IIIT and those 4 years made my life take a spin round the universe of thoughts, aspirations, failures, success and friendship. I have learnt a lot while in college more in terms of attitude than aptitude. IIIT has taught me to take failures in life as a lesson learnt and success as just one of the many milestone I have to achieve. I'll always be greatful to my alma mater to prepare me for the journey ahead.

On a ligher note, I am an amature artist and I love to play with colors. I have tried different form of fine arts ranging from pencil sketching and painting with water colors to canvas painting and charcoal drawing. I love my art work and I have got art works since 5th grade to current in my cupboard. I have tried my hands on photography a little but realized my hands are better with brushes then clicking devices. There are a few of my art works that you can admire in the gallery section.

My areas of interest also includes solving puzzles and playing logical games. On the technology front I am very interested in gadgets and bikes. I own a Pulsar-220 and love to spend some quality time with it alone on long drives. I will not count myself as a geek, but when I am doing something I don't rest until I understand the system completely.

That's it for now folks. If you want to know more about me, feel free to explore this site or contact me at one of these social networking websites.