Piyush Grover

I am a principal research scientist in the mechatronics group at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (www.merl.com), in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I obtained a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics in 2010 from Virginia Tech, under the supervision of Shane Ross. I am interested in dynamical systems theory and its applications, broadly interpreted. My current and past work has been on aspects of fluid mechanics such as mixing and scalar transport in laminar and turbulent flows, efficient phase space transport in three-body problem, bifurcations in essentially nonlinear systems, data-driven methods for model reduction.

Preprints (Comments welcome):

1). Sparse sensing and DMD based identification of flow regimes and bifurcations in complex flows  (Submitted Oct 2015) arXiv Preprint
Boris Kramer, Piyush Grover, Petros Boufounos, Mouhacine Benosman and Saleh Nabi

Select Publications:

11).  On optimal performance of nonlinear energy sinks in multiple-degree-of-freedom systems   arXiv Preprint
(To appear) Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV) 2016
Astitva Tripathi, Piyush Grover, Tamas Kalmar-Nagy

10). Learning to Control Partial Differential Equations: Regularized Fitted Q-Iteration Approach (Copy available on request)
To appear: IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 2016
Amir-massoud Farahmand, Saleh Nabi, Piyush Grover and Daniel Nikovski 

9). Data-Driven Gain Computation in the Feedback Particle Filter Download
 IEEE American Control Conference (ACC) 2016
Karl Berntrop and Piyush Grover 

8). Learning-based Reduced Order Model Stabilization for Partial Differential Equations Extended arXiv Version
IEEE American Control Conference (ACC) 2016
Mouhacine Benosman, Boris Kramer, Petros Boufounos, Piyush Grover    

7). Model-free control framework for multi-limb soft robots Download
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2015  
Vishesh Vikas, Piyush Grover, Barry Trimmer

6). Design of Low Fuel Trajectory in Interior Realm as a Backup Trajectory for Lunar Exploration: Download
Transactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Aerosplace Technology Japan, 2014
Yuki Sato, Piyush Grover and Shoji Yoshikawa

5). Topological Chaos, Braiding and Bifurcation of Almost-cyclic Sets: Download
Chaos: An interdisciplinary journal of nonlinear science, 2012
Piyush Grover, Shane Ross, Mark Stremler and Pankaj Kumar

4). Efficient Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification in Space Mission Dynamics: Download
AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, 2012
Piyush Grover and Yuki Sato

3). Optimized Three-Body Gravity Assists and Manifold Transfers in End-to-End Lunar Mission Design:Download
AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, 2012
Piyush Grover and Christian Anderson

2). Topological Chaos and Periodic Braiding of Almost-Cyclic Sets: Download
Physical Review Letters, 2011
Mark Stremler, Shane Ross, Piyush Grover, and Pankaj Kumar

1). Designing trajectories in a planet-moon environment using the controlled Keplerian map: Download
Journal of guidance, control, and dynamics, 2009
Piyush Grover and Shane Ross

Patents Issued
1). System and method for controlling motion of spacecrafts: US Patent 8,655,589
Piyush Grover and Christian Anderson 
2). System and Method for Estimating States of Spacecraft in Planet-Moon Environment: US Patent 9,114,893
Piyush Grover and Yuki Sato