This site is being made in scraps of my spare time, hence it's far from being as fully populated as I would like. The following list contains things I intend in adding at some point. If somethingĀ  catches your eye, you could contact me and I'll see if I can get it online for you.

- "separated shading" tutorial
- more "miniature worlds"
- whatever i might produce if i ever get a tablet
- half-life and other retextures

- make a better banner for larquis (ditch the slogan. how about "enforce your privacy"?)
- a "snippets" page?
- a page for "deterministic randomness"?
- a page for the economic sim I'm making?

- landwarrior for soldat
- a link to the retextures page
- ut3 fully unlocked customchars.ini
- a list of recommended mods for various games
- ... my game-in-progress inspired by Crystal Pixels?...

- the internet / censorship
- Taosim? nah...
- the people I'm forced to share a statistical age group with
- materialism
- the "dumb blonde" trend of games
- centralized/institutionalized religion
- religion in general. heh.

- computer hardware
- books
- games
- television. heh.