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I drew all these skins by hand in PSP9. Each takes about 4 hours to make, on average. I'm willing to do commissions, by the way - just send me an email and we can discuss it.

Trying out the Steampunk mod, I felt it was time to revisit my self-image.
Au Sable, from the awesome (free) game of the same name.
A monster from Au Sable.
Faith (from Mirror's Edge)
Isaac Clarke (from Dead Space)

Samus Aran (from the Metroid series)
Sarah Kerrigan (from Starcraft)
 Coalition Light (from Cortex Command)
Browncoat Light (from Cortex Command)

Browncoat Heavy (from Cortex Command)

Zombie (meant to be a monster skin, but works on a player too)
Myself - my very first Minecraft skin. I only got better from here ;)

Most of these characters belong to the owners of their respective games: Their copyrights belong to Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Data Realms, etc.. I drew their characters without permission, but I hope they don't mind!