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LDstyle Pack

This mod attempts to recreate the feeling of the original Half-Life models in high-definition. Most HD models are based on the official Blueshift HD pack, which contained some pretty significant changes from the original models. I put a lot of work into making the colors match as exactly as I could, and in some cases (like the zombie), I had to do some pretty significant redrawing to accomplish what I wanted.


Scientist - White pants, less vivid shirt. Gave them pale skin. Restored eye colors to match LD models (leave me alone, I'm a perfectionist), remade ID tags to have unique info and to match their skin and eye color changes (told you so).

Barney - Made suit less vivid, to within 10 HSL value of the original. Quite pale, also to within 10 HSL.

Zombie - Darkened flesh. Added green veins to arms and hands. Made chest look more like wound than mouth. Darkened blood on coat. Added spine (below back blob, since I'm not a modeller). White pants (with blood). Changed chest-teeth. I think it was me who added blood to the shoes. Added the impression of a skull in the crab. Made a separate version which has generic dark red flesh instead of green sacs.

islave - Added blue all over the place, trying to match look of the original model. Made fingernails black. Made fingers longer and nails shorter. Made belly look softer. Darkened toenails. Lightened teeth. Fixed breathing tubes. Added two black spots to chest. Slightly darkened shoulders to blend better at arm transition. Made breathing tube embedded in face and back match tubes protruding from head.

agrunt - Not modified from how I found it, but important to the pack.

thornet gun - Came with the agrunt, I think.

Bullsquid - Lowered saturation in general. Removed green slime on tentacles. Added famous fake eyes on tail. Removed eye glow.

Controller - Restored original colors from LD (who the hell thought their HD model looked good with vivid red and blue stripes?!). Removed crappily-added red tribal tattoo on chest (I have an issue with this skinner!), and added scales to match the rest of the skin. Restored original loincloth chrome texture (why, oh why, did they change it to maraschino cherry red?). Stripes on blue leg muscle added in the same position they were in on the LD skin.

Gman - Not a great model, I admit, but at least his head is the right shape, unlike every other model I've seen to date. Made suit match original to within 10 HSL. Matched suitcase. Matched hair. Slightly improved face. Made new eyes are similar to his in HL2.
Sep 6, 2010, 9:14 AM