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Garry's Mod

Various Gmod addons I've made.


Ammocrate v1.1

 The Ammocrate is a SENT to help supply ammo to you and your friends. It can hold primary ammo for any weapon. If you're in need, equip the weapon you want ammo for and hold USE on the crate. Have a bunch of ammo you're not going to use? Why not store it for your teammates by equipping the appropriate weapon and holding USE briefly on the crate. Want to see if you have enough ammo to survive the next zombie rush? Just tap USE on the crate to see how much ammo it has for your current weapon.

- Animation and sound - not just a lame prop
- Finite ammo for ALL weapons in one crate (plus an admin-only infinite version)
- Smart behavior
- Save ammo for later (or friends)
- Full support for secondary ammo and custom ammo types
- Variable weight (based on how much ammo is stored)
- Players' Ammocrates start with no ammo, but Admins' start with some
- Instructions on the side of the Ammocrate itself, to help newbs on your server
- Well-commented script, for anyone trying to learn Lua

Known bugs:
- Doesn't work for SLAMs, since they apparently don't use ammo
- Online multiplayer is untested (due to my router slowly dying)
- The Ammocrate model has no bottom. Nothing I can do about that, sorry.

Potential additions for future versions:
Ammoboxer: A device that lets you put any kind and amount of ammo into a destroyable supply crate.

Aug 16, 2009, 5:35 PM