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(Please forgive this image, I'll make something better later.)

Larquis is a file encrypter with many special features. Originally conceived of as a bet ("Dude, there's no WAY you can make a file encrypter in QBasic!"), Larquis quickly grew into something that was so effective that even I was surprised. It can encrypt any kind of file you point it at, and won't increase the size of the file whatsoever. It doesn't store the key in the file in any way, meaning that even Larquis itself can't be sure if you gave it the right password. It features self-test algorithms to discourage attackers tampering with the Larquis executable. It can turn even the simplest of passwords into monstrously long 262,136-bit keys of frightening randomness. And since Larquis boasts a special layer of security designed specifically to thwart cryptanalysis, attackers will have no option but to attempt to brute-force a potential number of keys that's so big I can't even calculate it (2 to the 262,136th power (if you can calculate that number, please contact me!)).

"Where's the download link," you ask? Well, I hate to do this to you after hyping so hard, but I'm not offering Larquis for download at this time. I very well may do so in the future, however. But before I do, I just want to make sure I can't sell it first.