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There are a lot of virtual games that are available in any play sore, easy to down load and to play. But Pixel Gun 3D has its own features as well as reasons to become the most popular of them all. Not to talk about the excellent graphics, animation and sound effects, it also has some other features which has made it eye captivating and exciting. I found that the controls are very simple and easy to operate, the resources are easy available, and the variety of weapons are to be extreme. I could choose whichever weapon I liked and required, provided I had enough cash to buy it.

The prime importance in proceeding up ahead in Pixel Gun 3D game is to make as many kill as possible. For this I needed weapons and had to change these weapons from time to time to make more kills. That is the reason I had to keep a close look at the stock of my currency as well so that at any point of time when I need a specific weapon I had enough money on me to buy it. There are different type of games which are a good source for resource. I played these games and found very easy to complete each level and be rewarded every time I finished one game. Apart from the games I also used the pixel gun 3d coins guide for my benefit as well which i found on http://pixelgun3dclub.com website.

I chose to play the multiplayer mode as I found it to be better than the single player mode in ways more than one. First of all single player mode is not as attractive as the multiplayer mode. Making effective kills were very easy in multiplayer mode and I could wipe off all the zombies, ghouls and spiders from a map very easily and fast as well. This was not possible in the single player mode where I found the enemies to be less in number. It also took me long to complete a stage in single player mode. This restricted my progress ahead and also decreased the rate of my generation of resources which is very necessary to proceed further in Pixel Gun 3D game.

Places for refreshment of ammo is more available in multiplayer mode too but for that I had to simply know the right place to go for refreshing. Having the money with me, I could buy unlimited amount of ammo from these places which also helped me to improve my survival tactics. More ammo and better weapons increased my chances of survival as well. Another benefit of playing the multiplayer mode is that the sprite customization is uploaded automatically anytime.

Apart from the features of the game itself, the physical features of Pixel Gun 3D game is also very attractive and eye captivating. From the graphics and animation to the sound effects, everything is superb and kept me engrossed throughout the game. All the gaming data was successfully and automatically stored in the in-built back up and therefore minimized the chances of time lags and game freezes. In short, I found everything an exciting game should have in this game.

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