PixelBerg KB


Fixed Stability issue on Mac OSX with texture loading.
Fixed issue with sky shadow density not working properly.
Fixed shadows appearing on backface polys.
Added an option for POM bump mapping to generate normal.
Fix Bug Crashing on sky creating with high end nvidia GPUs.
Added default Sky option (Setting a sky to default means that any materials without a sky link will use the default sky).
Added Sharpen post FX.
Standard render post FX now done on GPU (massive speed up), Sky calculations improved providing better quality, Removed Sky Creation Tab as the sky maps are now created in realtime from a LatLong input map, Fixed graphic issue with older GPUs (hopefully Iris gpu too).
Standard render now replaces original alpha channel as this is used for data during post fx calculation.
SuperSampling AA added to Hardware render(use with care as renders at twice resolution and scales down) and viewport.
Filmic Tonemapping Added and now default.
Fixed bug with mapping (Tile,seamless) so viewport matches standard render.
Added basic material converter PB<>C4d (not perfect because C4D materials are very flexible but should get you about 90% there in most cases).
Tweaked watermark so it can be set as a scale to the output imagesize.
Various other minor fixes and tweaks.
R18 build added(*Removed R15 build due to R18 and plan to support last 3 C4D releases this may change if there is enough call for a R15 build).

C4D Standard Render initial support Full including all PB objects,materials, Post FXs, Multipass output etc..
Physical render partial support (No post FX yet).
Fixed stability issue with Hardware renderer.
Added new shadow density option.
SkyPlane Material now just Sky Material(can be added to c4d sky object for standard material GI and reflections).
Added new lens distortion Post FX.
Fixed issue with DOF target object not updating.
Fixed minor issues with PB sky not updating preview.
Task system support added.
Added per material stick normal and ignore backface options.
Added new simple environment render post (spherical camera to render out hdri maps for use with PB).
Fixed issue with PB adversely affecting IRR render.
Various other fixes and tweaks.

Fixed Bug on NVidia where the sky object would show only ambient regardless of input, Removed console output left over from debugging.

Fixed Bug with Sky Lights Control redraw blocking material texture loads.

R17 New Build Added, Major tweaks and fixes for r17, New Texture loading routines, Fixed threading issue, Fixed layer shader issue, Substance plugin compatibility improvements(substance plugin 1.1+), Transparency fixed in r17 by maxon(no more work around needed).

MAC version added. Minor tweaks and fixes, initial substance plugin support, basic parralax occlusion mapping added.

Internal release.

Fixed DOF post on Nvidia, Tweaked AO intensity weighting, added AO debug output.

DOF post added, sky plane material added, general fixes and improvements.

Fixed Post Shader Error which cause post effects not to be displayed on NVIDIA cards.

R15 support, metalness map support, improved ssao, improved sky creation, vignette post added, hardware render fix, general fixes and improvements.

Fixed Shader Error Display Issue.

Initial Release