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If inside, wear a T-shirt AND a liner (long sleeve T-shirt) AT ALL TIMES. If outside, wear the previous and a sweatshirt or jacket. If possible wear a hooded sweatshirt. Always bring BOTH a pair of running shoes and a pair of baseball spikes. A baseball cap should also be worn both inside and outside. The use of a supporter is mandatory and the use of a protective cup is STRONGLY suggested. We will go outside every day if it is at all possible, so BE PREPARED FOR ALL TYPES OF WEATHER! Put your name on everything!  If it becomes lost, then we can find the owner. Listen to the daily announcements or check the message board for practice times and general information.


There are to be NO spikes worn in the gym or school at ANY TIME! Make sure your shoes are clean BEFORE you take them in the school or locker room. Use the shoe cleaners next to the fence on the first base line. DO NOT clean them off in the building. It is recommended to have 2 pairs of shoes (not including spikes), one for indoors and one for outdoors. Keep the lockers, locker room, and restrooms clean.


You must have a physical and parent consent form, and BEFORE you may tryout/practice.


If you are going to be late or absent for practice, notify Coach Charf  PERSONALLY! DO NOT send word with someone else or assume that we KNOW that you were gone or absent that day. If you cannot locate Coach Charf, leave a note in the high school office by 3:00.


  • Arm strength, accuracy, and throwing technique
  • Fielding ability and technique
  • Footspeed and endurance
  • Bat speed and contact, as well as technique
  • Bunting ability as well as technique
  • Attendance, including tardies
  • Attitude
  • Team player
  • Level of work
  • Conduct on and off the field
  • Overall character
  • COACHABILITY: with such things as the following being considered: following directions, following rules and regulations on and off the field, safety and care or equipment and facilities, hustle, knowledge of the game and leadership qualities.
  • Level of work put in: just because you are bigger, faster, stronger, better than another person at your position doesn’t mean you will play. YOU MUST WORK TO EARN A SPOT.