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For Players

Expectations of Players
You are a reflection of the school, of the team, and of your family to the community at large.


As players it is mandatory (in no certain order) that you do the following:

  1. ALWAYS HUSTLE!!! (Best way to get noticed is to be the first one doing something or the last one. Which one will you be?)
  2. No extremely long hair or jewelry, including ear rings. High School and Legion rules call for immediate player ejection if they are participating with jewelry on.
  3. Take proper care of your uniform and wear it properly.
  4. Smoking, drinking, or drug abuse will not be permitted and will result in a suspension as per-se in the Pius X student handbook. By aware being in the presence of such things can/will make you guilty. Avoid situations where you know these things could be.(Pius X High School policy will be enforced.)
  5. We will not tolerate players that WE, THE COACHING STAFF, judge to be; “hot dogs”, “mouth offs”, players who throw equipment, act immature, cause squad problems, or are “show offs” either on or off the field. Your conduct in and out of baseball must be that of a gentleman, ANY BEHAVIOR that brings DISCREDIT to YOU or to OUR BASEBALL TEAM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. (Throwing of equipment, excessively loud disgust, or any other outward sign of disgust not representative of a Pius student at practice will result in immediate punishment. Throwing equipment during a game will result in immediate removal from game.)
  6. Limit cussing in games and practices. (High School and Legion Rules allow for the umpire to eject a player for foul language.)
  7. You must be a successful student in the classroom to remain eligible to participate. (Referrals from teachers about student misconduct in their classroom will result in punishment on the baseball end of things. Players with one or more “F’s” will do extra conditioning. Players will 1 F will not be eligible for game participation, and will not travel to away games or get out of school early for in town games. Players with F(s) or D’s, must seek help each day after school when possible. This is an excusable reason for being late to practice. The player must get a signature from the respective teacher stating they were in for help.
  8. ALL practices are important; therefore you MUST attend them without exception. (1 unexcused absence will result in extra conditioning and 1 game suspension. 2 unexcused absences will result in player being excused from team.)
  9. Players will not be late. (Early is on time, on time is late. If practice starts at 9, that means you are dressed and before 9. If you’re late to practice, you have extra conditioning. If you’re late to a game, you won’t start.)
  10. Players must have all necessary equipment for games and practices. This includes belt, hat, glove, socks, shoes, uniform, liner, and anything else needed for that day. (Players that do not have all necessary items for practice will have extra conditioning. Players that do not have all necessary items for a game will not start.)
  11. Players will be responsible for all of their equipment at all times. (Players who leave any part of their equipment behind at a practice or game will have to condition extra to get it back. Any unclaimed piece of equipment will result in the whole team conditioning extra until it is claimed.)
  12. You must be receptive to change! At Pius X you are a BASEBALL PLAYER who CAN and WILL, play any position you are asked to play. The alternative is potentially not playing at all.
  13. Everyone must remain busy at ALL practice sessions.
  14. The TEAM is ALL-IMPORTANT. Players routinely in the starting line-up and role-players must learn their jobs and carry them out to the best of their ability every time they step on the field! (Always remember Pius baseball is not player centered, nor coach centered. Always team first.)
  15. Be concerned about helping your teammates! DON’T BE CRITICAL, LEAVE THAT TO THE COACHES! Your improvement depends upon your ability to accept criticism.
  16. ALWAYS approach a coach with an important issue. We’re open, and want the best for you. If you have a major concern or issue with any baseball related area, talk to one of your coaches in a mature way when it is appropriate. Coaches are open to discussion about other things as well, most likely we’ve been in your shoes at one point or another.

You are accountable for all of the rules listed here or otherwise. Any breaking of the rules is letting the whole team down. You should always press other teammates to follow the rules. Understand these rules are not a power trip, nor are they meant to be purely punitive. They are about maintaining a program that is respectable and classy. They are about maintaining a standard of quality. A standard that is absolutely necessary for high caliber performance. PIUS BASEBALL is, and will, be known across the state as a program built on hard work, integrity for the game, and class.

All rules are to some degree enforced by the coach’s discretion. What is excused and inexcusable is up to the coaches, who will always have the best interest of the team in mind. If you see a problem with this, or some sort of bias, talk with us personally as to maintain integrity.
These rules listed above are not all inclusive. There are other things that will warrant punishment, suspension, or even expulsion. These are left to our judgment, as are the penalties. As coaches we reserve the right to enforce there as we see fit, and enforce others that may be left out.