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For Parents

Expectations of Parents
  1. Come to as many games as possible.
  2. Cheer and be supportive to the TEAM
  3. Understand concept of being part of a team.  Keep in mind the coaches must make decisions that concern the whole team.
  4. Do not put unrealistic expectations or pressure on your son. You can’t will your son to be successful.
  5. Be a positive role model
  6. Allow coaches to do their job: 1. coaches will coach! 2. you will agree with some decisions and disagree with others.  Remember the coaches are trying their best.  Criticizing the coaches in front of other people including your son does NOT help your son or team. If there’s a need to contact a coach, follow the logic steps = have son make first contact. If further discussion is needed, parent could then reach out to Coach. Again talking ill behind people’s backs and spreading rumors isn’t productive nor Christian. Immediately going to administration isn’t following proper steps either. I am approachable. Let your kid be coached.