Extra Innings

Extra Innings


God has blessed our program, players, and coaches with a great deal of success. We feel that our success is rooted in our belief that we are always evolving as ballplayers and people. Throughout the course of the season, the Pius X baseball team will be focused on not only improving as ball players, but as disciples of Christ. While we push and build on our physical abilities during practice and in games, we also believe that a baseball team can serve as an instrument to actively teach character development off the field. We will call this challenge the “Extra Innings” initiative.


Each year the program extends an invitation for players to do more in order to become more. Many players fully commit and invest themselves into these opportunities. The result has been numerous trips to the state finals and some amazing state championships over the course of recent years. While the bar has been set extremely high with these physical opportunities, Pius X baseball will expand our development into specific character development opportunities. Extra Innings will encompass focusing on a character attribute each week of the season. Players/coaches will engage in the definition, development, and implementation of a various attribute and conclude each week’s lesson with an affirmation of that character trait put into practice. Not only will our team strive to improve the product placed on the field, but also as young men who are making daily decisions to actively pursue the characteristics found in the example of men we all want to become.


Below you will find a list of characteristics that will be discussed throughout the season. We strongly encourage you to visit with your player/family each week to discuss the topic. Some of these tasks will necessitate activities that will involve your family but should not impose on the family routine. Our goal is to minimize time required for this Initiative each week, yet we do want some amount of sacrifice and  investment to be made by players into each lesson. Please feel free to ask questions of players, teammates, coaches as they arise. We look forward to our first season with the Extra Innings program and believe that the pursuits of our young men off the field will only enhance the success they accomplish on the field.


Week of March 9th     Service


Week of March 16th –     Integrity


Week of March 23rd –     Community 


Week of March 30th  –    Commitment


Week of April 6th         Forgiveness


Week of April 13th –        Kindness


Week of April 20th –        Respect 


Week of April 27th –        Justice


Week of May 4th          Dignity