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Songs and Music Videos about the Pittsburgh area and its People
You can get drunk in Pittsburgh looking for a good man while it rains and rains.

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Pittsburgh Town - Woody Guthrie 

Smoky Ole Town 

Legendary folk musician Woody Guthrie came to Pittsburgh in 1941 on tour with the Almanacs folk group that also featured Lee Hays, Millard Lampell, and Pete Seeger. Seeing the belching steel mills of the Mon Valley he wrote the song “Pittsburgh Town” that starts with the verse "Pittsburgh Town is a smoky old town / Solid iron from McKeesport down." The Mon Valley mills were in the midst of a strike when the Almanacs arrived.  Guthrie sympathized with the strikes writing the verses “What did Jones & Laughlin steal now Pittsburgh?"  "From the Monongahela to the Ohio / They're joining up with the CIO"   Pittsburgh Town has been recorded by Pete Seeger, and the NewLanders on their album “Where the Allegheny Flows”   Guthrie also wrote the song “Hard Travelin” that refers to Pittsburgh steel workers.

 I've been working that Pittsburgh steel, I thought you knowed

I've been a dumpin' that red-hot slag, way down the road

I've been a blasting, I've been a firin', I've been a pourin' red-hot iron

Hard Travelin song

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – Guy Mitchell

Pittsburgh –The City of Pawnshop Fueled Love

In the 1952 Top 10 hit “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” singer Guy Mitchell tells the story of a love sick young man from Pittsburgh who has pawned everything he owns to take a beautiful woman to fancy places trying to convince her he is rich.  Written by Bob Merrill the single hit the Billboard charts on March 7, 1952 and peaked at number six after 17 weeks.  A cover version of the song that Big Crosby recorded for a radio broadcast is included on the Bing Crosby compilation CDs “Everything I Have Is Yours” and “High Profile”.  Song writer Bob Merrill, who grew up in Philadelphia, also wrote “Love Makes the World Go 'Round", "Honeycomb",  "(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?", "Mambo Italiano".  Bob Merrill wrote a string of  hit songs for  Guy Mitchell who was also a movie actor and hosted a television variety show.

There's a pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

And I've just gotta get five or ten (five or ten)

From the pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gotta be with my angel again

Ode to Pittsburgh - Louden Wainwright III

“Ode To Pittsburgh” was first release on Loudon Wainwright’s debut album “Album I” in 1970. Loudon got to know Pittsburgh while he attended drama school at Carnegie Mellon University from 1965 to 1967. It was released on the Wainwright compilation “The Atlantic Recordings” in 2000.

Pennsylvania's western daughter 
With your tubes of liberty 
Princess of pig-iron slaughter 
With your boyfriend Carnegie 
Oh you were stained glassed 
You were smoke stacked 
You were laid in cobblestone 
You were trolley car tracked 
And for you the red sky shone

Pumping Iron - The Iron City Houserockers 

The Iron City House Rockers "Pumpin' Iron Sweatin' Steel" tape lived for Clarion University TV in 1988 at the Red Stallion (aka The Roost) in Clarion, PA. The Houserockers dde to the hard working and hard partying mill workers of Pittsburgh.

Homestead Town - Mike Stout   - Story of a Glory Boom Town xxxx