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Reb Beach

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Guitar Virtuoso for Winger, Whitesnake, Alice Copper, Dokken, Night Ranger and ........

Reb Beach is a much in demand virtuoso classic rock guitarist, recognized for his distinctive rich melodic shredding style and catchy guitar hooks.  He was a founding member of the melodic rock band Winger know for their six top 40 hit singles including "Seventeen", "Madalaine", "Headed for a Heartbreak" and "Miles Away".  Winger released two platinum million-selling albums -- Winger, in 1988, and In the Heart of the Young, in 1990. At the beginning of his career with Winger The magazine Guitar for the Practicing Musician voted him "Best New Guitarist" and Guitar World Magazine voted him "Best New Talent".  He has since been a member of Whitesnake, and has toured with Fiona, Dokken, Night Ranger, and Alice Cooper.  After studying a the Berklee College of Music, he got his start in the music business In New York as a session player on the recordings of Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Roger Daltrey, Chaka Kahn, Howard Jones, and Twisted Sister. He also recorded on the soundtrack of the Sega Dautona USA2 video game.  Beach designed a line of guitars for Ibanez and teaches guitar clinics. He also produced an instructional guitar video entitled "Cutting Loose"   Guitar World magazine named Reb to its top 100 Guitarists list.  Buzzle.com lists Reb as one of the top ten guitarists of all time.

Reb Beach, born Richard Earl Beach, Jr. in Pittsburgh during 1963, began playing piano and later guitar at an early age without little formal training.  Growing up in the 1970s he honed his guitar chops jamming to the records of Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs, Sammy Hagar, Ronnie Montrose, and Aerosmith.  

After high school, he studied in Boston at the Berklee College of Music for two semesters.  He moved to New York City and found work as a studio session player recording with major label stars.  In New York he met lead singer Kip Winger, a former bassist for Alice Cooper’s band.  The pair became writing partners in 1986 forming the band Winger with bassist Paul Taylor, and drummer Rod Morgenstein formerly of the Dixie Dregs.  . Specializing in pop-metal in the style of Poison and Bon Jovi, the band's 1988 debut album sold over a million copies with the radio hits "Seventeen" and the ballad "Headed for a Heartbreak."  The second album in 1990 again sold over a million with the hit “Miles Away”.  The group faded from the limelight after their third release “Pull” in 1993, when an episode of the MTV Beavis and Butthead show made it un-cool to be a Winger fan.  Sales dropped and the group disbanded.

Reb returned to Pittsburgh to write material for a solo effort that he dubbed the name The Reb Beach Project.  He also did session work for other artists including the wailing heavy metal guitar solo of “Complacency City” on activist-singer Mike Stout’s Working Infinity CD.  Before Reb completed his solo project Alice Cooper convinced him to go on the road.  Reb toured with Cooper for three years.  In 2002 Reb did a reunion tour with Winger and released a solo CD effort entitled Masquerade.  

Dokken Whitesnake and more

Reb was recruited to tour and record with Dokken.  He replaced George Lynch as the lead guitarist and became a co-songwriter on Dokken CD Erase the Slate”. 

Beach became a member of Whitesnake in 2003 touring the world. 

In 2005 he did a super group record called The Mob with King's X frontman Doug Pinnick and Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy,  

Joining again with his Winger band mates in 2006, they released their forth album ‘IV’.  

Keeping himself “triplely” busy he toured with Winger, Whitesnake, and Night Ranger in 2008.  Beach continues to tour with Whitesnake and makes his home in Pittsburgh when not on the road.