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Dick Tady Orchestra

Honored by the Polka Hall of Fame and Grammy Nominated 
The Dick Tady Orchestra has been honored by the Polka Hall of Fame and was nominated for a Grammy Award.  

The DTO has record forty five original compositions, two albums on the Greyco label, twelve on DTO's own Corjal label, and one video, earning a Grammy nomination for their smash hit album "Happy Polka Days" in 1992.  One year later, they were featured on Walter Ostanek's (Canada's Polka King) Grammy Award winning album "Accordionally Yours" making them Grammy Award Winner Participants in 1993.  The DTO has many popular polka hits including "Happy Days Polka", It's Polka Time, and "Majko Waltz", just to name a few.

In addition to having their recordings played on polka radio stations across the country, the DTO's many radio and television credits include the Pittsburgh Steelers Pep Rally and Tailgate Parties, and featured spots on WDVE 102.5FM (Pittsburgh's top Rock radio station).  They have performed at the Pittsburgh Three River's Arts Festival, as well as many charitable causes.  They were also featured on a custom television commercial for Subway Sandwich Shops, "Return of the Myron Cope Kielbasa Sub".

Supported by the loyal and enthusiastic DTO Fan Club, the band has gone on to receive many notable nominations and awards, including their 1992 Grammy Award nomination, 1993 Grammy Award Winner Participants, twelve National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame Annual award nominations, resulting in three coveted Crystal Awards and Band of the Year in 1995 National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.