David Granati

Guitarist, Song Writer, Recording Engineer, and Music Educator

David Granati is a guitarist, song writer, recording engineer, producer, studio owner, and music teacher.  David’s guitar playing gained national attention when he toured the country opening for Van Halen as a member of the Granati Brothers band.  His innovative soaring melodic solos earned him a nomination for Guitar Player of the year in Guitar Player Magazine’s 1981 reader’s poll.   After the 1979 release of the Granati Brother A&M Records album G-Force the Granati Brothers opened 78 shows for Van Halen on two tours playing for a million fans at all of the major concert arenas in the U.S.   As a song writer David co-wrote along with Joey Granati, Gary Carolla, and Jim Sparacino "Tell Me How to Make You Smile" that was recorded by Aaron Carter on his million selling debut CD.  His songs have also been recorded by the Jaggerz and the Granati Brothers.  Owner of a 48 track recording studio he has produced, engineered, and master CD releases by many artists.  David also teaches guitar and recording.  He has taught at the University of Pittsburgh and the Lincoln Park Performing Arts School.  He currently teaches online at the Pa Cyber School and runs the Those Who Are About to Rock Academy. 

“David Granati's guitar-playing brings new life to the cliched world of rock guitar, at times ripping, at times riffing, at times even sounding like bagpipes.” Phillip Harris – Pittsburgh Magazine

“David’s stunning guitar textures are the connective tissue…” – CD Review GrowingLifestyle.com Store @ Amazon.com

“G goes for the gusto on songs like “Listen for a Change” and the instrumental disc-closer, “Serenity,” in which David Granati’s six-string wizardry is reminiscent of Yes and Asia guitarist Steve Howe.” –Scott Tady Beaver County Times

David Granati was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, the youngest of the four Granati Brothers.  His brothers realized that David was infected with rock n roll fever when he began playing air guitar with a tennis racket the night he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  David began taking formal guitar lessons from Elmer Hoffman at age 12.  He practiced incessantly taking his guitar to school to play on the school bus and in between classes.  Learning to play by ear he quickly became a nimble and skilled guitarist able to play complex Hendrix and Jeff Beck solos.  David began performing live at age 13 with his pianist brother Joey and cousin drummer Tony Bonomo in the band the called ‘OZ’.  Borrowing a sound system from their neighbor Donnie Iris they played their first gig for hundreds at the Patterson Township Fireman’s carnival in 1972.  David shocked the crowd playing the Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner.   They went on to perform at school dances and outdoor concerts.  While in high school Dave joined with his brothers Rick and Joe to form the band Salt and Pepper.  They played Pittsburgh area clubs including Fat City and Morry’s Speak Easy.  In 1976 Hermie Granati left the Jaggerz and joined with Dave, Joe, Rick, and cousin Tony Bonomi to form the Granati Brothers.   

The Granati Brothers landed a record contract with A&M Records releasing the ‘G-Force’ album in 1979.  They also had the lead track on the A&M compilation album Propaganda that also featured the Police and Joe Jackson.  Their music was heard in heavy rotation on top FM stations across the country.  During a seven-month national tour in 1979 the G's performed for 250,000 fans appearing with Van Halen, Heart, Peter Frampton, Boston, J Geils, Ian Hunter, the Doobie Brothers, and others. In 1981 the Granati Brothers, also known as G-Force toured with Van Halen and performed for over 500,000 fans in 39 cities in the U.S. and Canada appearing at 46 sold out concerts. It was the third largest tour of 1981. The band signed a second record deal with Atlantic Records in 1986 and recorded the unreleased album "Enter: G-Force.  They continued to perform until they broke up in 1995.  They reunited in 2002 to release their independently produced CD, "G-The Continuing Adventures of The Granati Brothers".  The CD was recorded at David Granati's Maple Wood Studios. 

David began his recording engineer career at the boards for the Granati Brothers early recording sessions at their home studio and at Jeree's Studio.  Those early demo tapes landed the Granati Brothers their A&M Record contact.  In 1990 the Granati Brothers opened Mulberry Street Recorders in Coraopolis where Dave engineered recording sessions for many Pittsburgh area recording artists.  In 1995 David and Joey Granati opened the Dave World Productions Studio / Maplewood Studio in Ambridge and continued recording and producing Pittsburgh area artists.  David Granati has engineered or produced recording sessions of Chizmo Charles, The Jaggerz, The Motorpsychos, The Spuds, Wil E. Tri, Cheryann Hawk, Soda Jerk, Naked Citizen, Ritual Space Travel Agency, Penance, Love Child, Black Cat Otis, and the Steel Miners.  Dave has also served as an independent engineer on projects in Ireland and at Lenny Kravitz Studios. 

In 1990 David started a side rockabilly band Johnny Fish and the Fins with singer Chris Pia, bassist Frank Santolla, and drummer Tony Bonomo.  The Fins played weekly for 10 years at the Junction in New Brighton and at other area clubs.  David became a recording and guitar instructor teaching at the University of Pittsburgh and then the Lincoln Park School for the Performing Arts.   David also hosted a regular TV series entitled “Dave World” on the cable MCA-TV channel. On the show David performs and gives 30-minutes guitar lessons.  David is currently a faculty member of the Henry Mancini Arts Academy and is an online music instructor for the PA Cyber Charter School.  Expanding his music teaching efforts David founded along with his brother Joey the “For Those About to Rock” Academy.  Originally based at Lincoln Park High School in Midland, Beaver County, the brothers now run the program at Maplewood Studios in Ambridge.  The program was inspired partially by the 2003 film "School of Rock".  David works with the students to develop their performing skills and teach them the nuts-and-bolt of the music industry.  The students put their skills to practice performing at venues and outdoor concerts.

Songs by David Granati
David in Concert Mellon Park